Units made with HD lace have an extra layer of flaire to them. With the lace being so thin it MELTS into your skin giving you the "flawless celebrity" vibes. 


Units are premade customizable units that come with 4 combs and an adjustable band for extra security. Units are made with one 4"*4" or a 5"*5" HD lace closure and 2-3 luxury virgin bundles. Wigs 20 inches and under use two full bundles while 22" and above use three.


Units can last years with proper care and maintenance. HD lace is more fragile than transparent lace because its thinner. But, that thinness is the same thing that makes this lace blend in with any skin tone flawlessly!


 Units come with bleached knots and a plucked hairline so units are ready to be worn straight out the box.  Let's get started on the wig of your dreams!

HD Lace Closure Unit

PriceFrom $299.00